Research Areas

  • Dispersal pathways and connectivity along the Oregon coast
  • Life history spatial and temporal constraints and fish adaptability to global change in climate
  • Effect of trait variability on population dynamics and stock assessment of Pacific cod in the Bering Sea
  • Four decades of Oregon nearshore groundfish assemblages through the eyes of scientists and fishermen
  • Nonadditive climate-productivity relationships of fish populations in the North Pacific

Recent Projects

  • Predicting habitat quality of juvenile English sole and Dungeness crab in coastal and estuarine nursery grounds
  • Settlement body-size and nursery habitats of juvenile forage flatfish in the Bering Sea
  • Sustainability of marine renewable resources in subarctic systems under incumbent enivronmental variability and human exploitaton
  • CMG Collaborative Research: Reconstruction of dispersal strategies of marine organisms via semiparametric dynamic spatial regression
  • CAMEO: Role of predator-prey interactions in marine ecosystem organization

Data repositories and other resources

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