Welcome to the Fisheries Oceanography Lab of The College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences at Oregon State University. Our work focuses on factors that affect the spatial and temporal dynamics of marine fish populations. Research projects range from ecological scales of meters and days (M.S. student Jenn Wong-Ala), to decades and entire basins (M.S. student Rebecca Howard). We combine field and experimental approaches with analytical tools such as statistical and mathematical modeling to address issues like:

  • the effects of temperature and hypoxia on the growth of juvenile English sole Parophrys vetulus, and larval Dungeness crab Cancer magister
  • factors affecting the early life drift pathways and settlement successes of Greenland halibut and Pacific halibut as predicted from a bio-physical model in the Bering Sea

Most of our work is on commercial fish species, and therefore the results of our studies can have practical and immediate management applications.

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